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Flexible learning with friendly tutors

Active Care & Training Solutions prides itself on delivering highly accessible and professional tutors who will help you complete your desired course.

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You care, We care

Active Care and Training puts their clients needs at the forefront by specialising in quality care. Providing you with good quality staff trained by our tutors so they can offer a holistic service to you or your loved one in the comfort of that place called home

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Step By Step Support

Active Care and Training guides its own staff through a learning journey, whether they are new to care or an expert in their field, we believe learning will always take place.

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We are a small friendly business based in Ipswich Suffolk

We provide care staff to support people living in their own homes, wheather its a one hour visit onceĀ  a week or 24hrs a day 7 days a week, your care needs can be met by using staff that are trained by us.

We train our own staff in all mandatory subjects including the Care Certificate, this gives us the reasurance that the staff will have the knowledge and skills required to deliver good quality care to our service users.

We believe that it is important to work in partnership with others (eg colleagues, service users, family, other agencies) since you can work together in an equal and collaborative way. For example concerning service users, you have to work together with them encourage and support them so that they can take as much control as possible, in that way you can help them maintain their skills and self esteem. If you want to know more please explore our website, emailĀ  or give us a ring for a chat.

Well trained staff are key to any business therefore our tutors have each been hand picked because of their advanced experience in each subject.

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